Class Considerations Deadline May 25th.

Class Considerations for 2018/19 term

Please see the letter to parents regarding the placement of students for the 2018/19 term.  Deadline for parent input is May 25th. 



Welcome to HW Pickup School!!

Please take the time to look through our pages to ensure you are up to date.  You will find supply lists, school calendar, newsletters, and much more throughout the website. To contact a teacher or view their site please select the teacher from the E Teacher section.  

Administration Changes

Our new principal is Mr. Scott Kupsch. Mr. Kupsch was formerly the principal of Evergreen Elementary.  Miss Shannon Gallant and Mr. Michael Rosentreter are our vice-principals.  Miss Gallant was formerly the vice-principal of Evergreen Elementary and Mr. Rosentreter was the former acting principal of HW Pickup Jr. High.

School Cash Online

School Cash Online Payments is now live!  Wild Rose School Division is now offering School Cash Online as its preferred method of payment for all school fees, including everything from field trips to yearbooks. Cash online Available now.  Follow the online instructions to get started.  

Lunch order

Click here to order your lunch online.  Parents will have to register a login name and password.

Thanks to our sponsors

HW. Pickup staff and students would like to thank the following for their generous support over the last year

Kevin and Shawna Vig

Carol Lapointe

R. Drechsler Consulting Ltd.

Travis and Onowa Hogan

Mr. and Mrs. Hack Hamdon

Daylight energy

Don and Tera-Le Beckett

Poulin Enterprises Inc.

Hayduck Picker Service Ltd.

Karleb Homes Ltd.

Glen Gunderson Trucking

Conoco Phillips

Drayton Valley Community Foundation

Drayton Valley KinClub

Dawn Kennedy



HW Pickup Student wins 2017 Alberta great kids award Taija Dryden along with 15 other incredible children were chosen for the 2017 Alberta great kids award. Here's what they had to say about Taija:                                                                                        

“Taija not only triumphs in the face of adversity, she inspires people every day. Taija was diagnosed with Juvenile Dermatomyositis at age 9, a disease with no cure that causes a rash, fatigue and extreme pain and weakness. Taija had a tough choice to make at a young age: she could either let her body take power over her life or she could take power over it. She decided to use her situation for good and to serve as a mentor for her friends, family and community. She was determined to continue to go to school as often as she could and volunteering within her school and community became a regular occurrence. Even when she didn’t feel well, she would push to go to school, to volunteer and to connect with those that needed her. She has spent many days and months in and out of hospitals but instead of complaining, she uses her time there as an avenue to help other kids who are sick. For one five year old in particular, Taija has become like a big sister, helping keep the young girl calm and distracted when she is at the hospital for treatment. Taija is an example of strength, determination and hope that keeps other people going on their bad days. She reminds people that the disease does not define the individual. For Taija, it is her spirit, smile and drive to help others that define her. 

Overdrive library

Click here to access the Overdrive library.  eBooks and audio books from the division library available to students 24/7 all you need is your student ID number.

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