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Student Placement Recommendations 2021-2022

May 3, 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Re:  Class Lists

Our staff will be considering student placement recommendations for 2021-2022 year shortly.  This takes place at this time of year in order for us to determine our budget and staffing needs.

It is important to realize that placement decisions consider a variety of areas; however, the priority is academic needs.  We also ensure classes are as evenly balanced as possible in terms of class size, boys and girls, even distribution of ability and behaviour, social needs, and parent input.  Parent input regarding the needs of the child will be given full consideration by the placement teams.  We ask that you contact VP Lindsay Ram directly at HW Pickup (780-542-4495) or to discuss the needs of your child and how we can best support.  We kindly ask that you avoid requesting a specific teacher as teaching assignments are not in place at this time.  The deadline for parent input will be May 14th.

The school administration, using the recommendation of the placement teams, will make a final determination of the placement of each child in accordance with the established criteria and the unique needs of the child and/or the school organization.  Please note that our professional team works hard to ensure your child is successful in their placement.

Class lists will be posted in the foyer on September 1, the first day of classes for Grade 5 and 6 students, and September 2 for Grade 7 and 8.



HW Pickup Administration


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